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both of the two stalls belong to us 或者 both of the two stalls are ours 都可以


Stall market

就是在展览会上帮助老板翻译英语的翻译,主要是交流,通常是按天计价。可以算作兼职。 这是一个例子:http://www.yingjiesheng.com/job-000-658-937.html

setting up (temporary)stall open a stand 都可以


This booth was opened to business just now,but it already attracted many customers .

Dear ***, Have a nice day. This is *** from ***** company. we are professional manufacturer for***(products) We hereby inform you our booth No. for the 111st Canton Fair, welcome to us then. Time for first/second/third period C...

We are working on getting a booth in the Canton Fair, but not certain if we could get one.


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